Basic Lunch

One and half sandwich per person


£4.80 per person (or £3.50 if one sandwich each)


Standard Lunch

One and a half sandwich per person

4 types of nibbles (3 per person)

Nibble examples include: Sausage rolls, Vegetarian Spring rolls, Vegetarian samosa, Chicken goujon, quiche, prawns in breadcrumbs.

£8 per person

VIP Lunch

One a half sandwich per person (fillings including smoked salmon, brie, prawns, bacon)

6 types of nibbles (3 pieces per person)

Nibbles include: Posh samosa, posh spring rolls, quiche, small pies, vol-au-vents, prawns in breadcrumbs, chorizo and cheese puff, salmon and cream cheese bites, chicken goujons, chicken satay

£14.50 per person

IMG_6419 Brunch-Bar-Goujons
Brunch-Bar-Spring-rolls IMG_6493

Special VIP Lunch

Meat Plate - selection of ham, roast beef, chorizo, salami

Cheese plate - selection of cheeses served with grapes and small pieces of celery

Fish plate – selection of smoked salmon, prawns, smoked mackerel

Poached salmon fillet – dressed with thin cucumber slices

6 types of nibbles (as per the VIP selection)

Selection of breads – Corn bread, Mediterranean bread, rye bread, multi seeded bread, toasted ciabatta slices served with butter pats

Selection of crackers – Cream crackers, water biscuits, Hovis biscuits, cheese biscuit (Carrs) usually allocate 3 or 4 crackers per person

£17.50 per person

Mix and Match Buffet

Items Listed price is for 3 pieces per person.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls £0.70

Vegetarian Samosa £0.70

Sausage Rolls £0.70

Vegetarian Sausage Rolls £0.70

Chorizo and cheese puffs £1.60

Roasted tomato and cheese puffs £1.60

Chicken Fillet Goujons £1.80

Spicy Chicken Wings £1.80

Chicken Satay £1.80

Salmon and Cream Cheese Bites £1.80

Posh Samosa £1.75

Posh Spring Roll £1.20

Individual Quiche £1.50

Individual mini pies £1.75

Vol au vents £1.75 (Fillings egg mayo, prawns in rose marie sauce, chicken and mushroom)

Prawns in filo pastry £1.50

Prawns in breadcrumbs £1.80

Individual pork pies (quartered) £1.50

Mini scotch eggs £1.00

Crisps £0.60

Green Salad £1.25

Vegetable Pasta salad £1.25

Rice Salad £1.25

Coleslaw £0.70

Potato Salad £0.70

Cheese board £2.00

Meat plate £3.00

Fish Plate £3.00

Bread Selection (Including butter) £1.50

Cracker selection (including butter) £1.50

Fruit Platter £2.00 (This includes a selection of chopped fruit always pineapple and melon then a selection grapes, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi depending on price and season/availability)

Juice £0.60

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